A Lineage of Deception
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A Lineage of Deception

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  • Author: Maryann Hopper
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press, an Imprint of BookLogix
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-6653-0384-2
  • Pages: 315
  • Item #: 24090_POD
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Leaning forward and her hand shaking as she tipped the glass, she 
let in a drink. Her eyes downcast, she
began to rock back and forth,
repeating, “What have I said. Oh, whiskey let out the wrong cat
from the bag.”
Set in Mississippi near Birdsong Farm, the family compound, A Lineage of Deception is an inter-generational 
journey of the cunning Hopkins sisters, their errant husbands, their two besieged daughters, and a “lost”
The sisters’ dreams are  hampered by deceitful choices that create obstacles they are unsure how to overcome. 
Bea, a newspaper reporter, ever on the hunt for an awardwinning story, juggles an affair, a husband in prison,
a cruel lie about the man her daughter called Daddy, a murder investigation, and her daughter’s estrangement.
Investigating an adoption agency, Bea makes a startling discovery and uncovers a scandal involving her sister 
Pearl, its ramifications eventually disrupting the lives of both daughters. The exposure of frayed parental love
compels both daughters to delve into unknown parts of their mothers’ and their fathers’ lives, uncovering deeds
both shameful and ridiculous.
A Lineage of Deception entertains with vibrant characters and stunning twists.
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