A Redneck Reverie
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A Redneck Reverie

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  • Author: Cliff Oxford
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  • ISBN: 9781952106101
  • Pages: 210
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How did America get here—flipping from country sunshine to community squalor, claiming a huge economic 
bonanza for Wall Street while a freefall for Waycross, Georgia?

In just four decades, America is seeing community squalor that winds through the hollers of West Virginia,
the neighborhoods of upstate New York, and thousands of towns like Waycross, Georgia, where I grew up.
It even spreads across the plains all the way to San Bernardino, California, and up to timber towns like Fall
City, Oregon. Why was that flip a wealth event for Wall Street while being a freefall for Waycross and
thousands of other communities, towns, and cities?

A Redneck Reverie: The Rationale for the Trump Phenomenon explains why and then shares a new solution
that does not involve government programs and tax cuts, but big checks and jobs to renew America’s hope
and dignity.

A Redneck Reverie is Cliff Oxford’s third book. His two previous books, LAMBS (Liberal Arts Majors in
Society) to Leaders and KNOW GROW EXIT—How Entrepreneurs Start and Finish Fast, continue
his unique leadership roles in academia, journalism, and real-world entrepreneurship.

Oxford started, built, and sold two national brands: Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs, which sold to
Advantage Media|Forbes Books in April 2018 and STI Knowledge, an INC 13 company, which sold to
Mellon Ventures.

At present, Oxford is the founder of CliffCo., an international think tank symposium for a defined third
level leadership in living, learning, and legacy.
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