Barnyard Economics

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  • Author: Robert Faulkender
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  • ISBN: 9781610052221
  • Pages: 69
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Barnyard Economics explains the market behavior 
of individuals and small firms in a most rudimentary
way. It highlights the example set in the nursery story
of the Little Red Hen. The Occupy Wall Street economist
will say the Red Hen is a fascist in that the hen controls
the resources, the means of production, and the manner
of distribution.

But, that is not the whole story. In the economics of the
barnyard, the Red Hen gives every animal the opportunity
to help make bread. They refuse, yet feel entitled to eat.
The author cites the Barnyard economic model in two true

In the first vignette, an immigrant Dutch girl finds a need
and fills it. In the second, a runaway kid from a Kansas
homestead demonstrates that "building a better mouse
trap" brings the world to his door. Each account shows
a side of the coin invested in personal actions that lead
to individual growth and prosperity.
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