Basta Pasta Ancora
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Basta Pasta Ancora

Price: $24.99
  • Author: Anita Sandroni Augello
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-754-8
  • Pages: 338
  • Item #: 21843
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As I’ve mentioned, this book is a culmination of many hours of work . . . but definitely a labor of love. Reviving many of these recipes connects me to my childhood, my family, my heritage, and people that I love. It brings back memories and grounds me. I am hoping that, in some way, you, too, will find familiar recipes that bring back fond memories.

Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by our family.

Many of these are timed-honored recipes that our children are familiar with and enjoy helping us make. These are foods they request and we enjoy together. Our youngest granddaughters take their work very seriously.

This book is filled with simple recipes and time-honored traditional ones that I hope will make our children and you want to prepare meals made with love to enjoy with family and friends.

Per me, non c’e niente di piu roanmtico che bere vino e cucinare cio italiano insieme a mio marito.

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