Believe in Your Dreams

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  • Author: Rhonda Leiva
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610052030
  • Pages: 166
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Rhonda Leiva was blessed with a unique gift at a young age:
her dreams became reality--literally. "Believe in Your Dreams"
is a compilation of Rhonda's remarkable dreams and the actual
events that followed. Through meticulous dream journaling,
Rhonda has been able to keep a record of her premonition
dreams and the events such as Hurricane Katrina, Michael
Jackson's death, and the Baja earthquake that they foretold.

Rhonda encourages each of us to consider the messages that
we may be receiving through our dreams, spirit guides, past
lives, and even friends and loved ones from the other side.
She shares the four different types of dreams (Lucid,
Premonition, Nightmare, and Past Life) that have helped
guide her on her spiritual journey and answered many of
life's unanswerable questions.

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