Cooperation - Step-by-Step Guide
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Cooperation - Step-by-Step Guide

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  • Author: Ellen Spencer & Pamela Teague
  • Binding: Wire-O Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781665304467
  • Pages: 94
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Cooperation: The Key to Successful Schools and Communities - Step-by-Step

Public school students face an uncertain future. Oversized classrooms and teacher shortages are two of the most critical issues contributing to a crisis in public schools. The coronavirus pandemic, recent legislation, and contentious issues raised by parents and school boards have further aggravated the plight of civil public discourse in education. If this sounds familiar, you will want to read and consider the ideas and suggestions in this eBook version of the Cooperation: Key to Successful Schools and Communities Guide. This publication will help your teams find better ways to cooperate and communicate. It contains a 12 Step framework and roadmap that can help you accomplish serious goals and support your school and community aspirations to thrive and succeed. You will discover how using this handbook with any of your school and community members and stakeholders will improve the utilization of their skills and contributions to address the most demanding challenges, develop committed alliances, and create rational and doable solutions. 


“I would give every staff member a copy and ask them to bring it to meetings for topics based on one of the steps. This guide is another tool in my instructional and administrative toolbox! Thanks!”  David C., Assistant Principal


“Every member of every school community should have a copy of this concise, practical guide on how to create a cooperative school community.”  Kathy H., Teacher

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