Cricket Promises

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  • Author: Keturah Israel
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780984401709
  • Pages: 157
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“No. I ain’t tellin’ her either. And don’t you tell your
Momma. Cricket me you won’t tell.”

I am so tired of her makin’ me cricket promise all the time.
She read in some book that crickets tell secret tales and if
you betray the cricket by tellin’ the story then you die. And
ever since she read that, we been cricketin’ to everything.


Promises made and kept. In Eve’s life, cricket promises
between her and best friend Rachel mean everything. Eve
is an expert at keeping secrets from herself…secrets that
would allow her to fully embrace who she is.
But eventually the cricket promises that hop around in her
head eat away at her reality until she would rather die than
keep them.
In this coming of age tale, Author Keturah Israel weaves a
masterful story—in three different perspectives—of love,
awkward teenage relationships, and the unimaginable fear
of living with a personal demon.

“This book causes the reader to consider the wounds that
we inflict on ourselves, and the wounds that we allow
others to inflict upon us…It makes you want to read more.
You will become invested in these characters.”
– Monica Evans

“Cricket Promises is a witty, honest, and scintillating novel
that integrates a young girl’s battle with image issues,
depression, self-love, and acceptance. An absolute must
read, Keturah Israel’s debut novel provides many great,
relatable glimpses into the life of a teenage girl growing
into womanhood.”
– Santita Hooper

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