Death Takes Center Stage
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Death Takes Center Stage

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  • Author: Elizabeth Ireland
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610053280
  • Pages: 261
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Winner, BookLogix 2012 Fiction Contest

When the great tragedienne, Irene Davenport, is murdered
onstage during the opening night of Macbeth, her enraged
spirit begins to haunt the theater in which she died, seeking
her killer. Seventeen-year old Lillian Nolan, novice actress
and amateur sleuth, discovers she has an aptitude as a
medium and her ambition compels her to make a Faustian
bargain with Irene. In a struggle between her desire to be
her own person and her passion for performing, Lillian
reluctantly permits Irene’s spirit to possess her body. This
allows her to perform with ability well beyond her own,
but in return, Irene demands that Lillian find and expose
her murderer.

DEATH TAKES CENTER STAGE is a metaphysical mystery
set at the time of the golden age of Spiritualism in America
and laid against the backdrop of the Great Chicago Fire
of 1871. It unfolds during the presentation of a theater
piece believed to be cursed and which in itself is a
supernatural game of good and evil.

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