Do Your Great Work!

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  • Author: Mariette Edwards
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610052870
  • Pages: 164
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Is it time to go your own way?

Your great work does not depend on your age,
where you went to school, where you work or
don't work now.
But it does require that you take action.
This book will show you how to get started.

"I can hear Mariette's voice on every page and I
know what she says is true. She has helped me
turn my desire into results over and over again.
I would not be doing my great work today without
her wisdom, guidance, insights and practical, real
world experience. She knows how to make things
-Robin Fisher Roffer, CEO, Big Fish Marketing
Author of Make A Name For Yourself: Eight Steps
Every Woman Needs to Create a Personal Brand
Strategy for Success

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