Drawn by the Creek (New Printing 2011)
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Drawn by the Creek (New Printing 2011)

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  • Author: Robert M. Giannetti
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780974068008
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American poet Robert M. Giannetti, a 2003 nominee for
Georgia Author of the Year for "Drawn by the Creek,"
has since received international recognition. Translated
into Polish and published in Temat, a Polish periodical of
arts and letters, Giannetti’s work was featured in a lengthy
critical essay by the journal’s editor, Dariusz Lebioda. “It is
profoundly existential poetry,” says Lebioda, “its many
beautiful nuances and lyrical rhythms are charged with
constant fascination, demonstrating above all a belief
in everyday wonders.”
An earlier review of the book in Poetic Voices noted that
“[the poet’s] ponderings travel across a broad landscape…
Giannetti wonders about many things that have haunted poets
since the invention of language: the passage of time, our
connection to each other and our ancestors, immortality,
acceptance of who we are at any given moment, feeling good just before night
comes, the alchemy of moonlight melting into the golden rays of the sun, the journey
of seemingly random thoughts as in dreams, desire unfulfilled, the forces that
connect us to each other and to the universe — poetry being one of them.”
For more information you can visit www.robertmgianetti.com 
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