Eggshells of the Soul
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Eggshells of the Soul

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  • Author: Riccardo St. Michael Jolly, Rubina Malik, Aarti Nayar, Nicole A. Phillips, Phil Smith, Lisa Yvonne
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 97891610050784
  • Item #: 3697
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The need for self expression is universal and is what fires the spirit of this book. 
Six unique voices lace the soul of this collection.
In “And Everything”, a poem about life, Phil suggests that “Everything we know sooner or
later teaches us that everything we know is wrong.”
In “Still” a poem on relationships,”The eggshells of my soul crinkle at your fury,” ponders Lisa.
The “Enlightenement only the anguish of love can bring forth,”
echoes the learnings of love lost from Rubina’s “The Rose”.
A 6’5” Black man with six pack abs and a terrific backside--meet Nicole’s wonderous version 
of “Slumber” personified.
In the “Room of blessings”, Ricardo laments that “We often choose
to lounge in the room of our negativities.”
The “Tsunami” by Aarti reaffirms the unflinching truth-- “Life had no chance that day.”
Strolling through the sunny vistas of life or buckling against its biting cold or simply
soaking in its seasons somewhere in-between; wherever you find yourself, the
“bits of infinity” in these reflections invite your inspection
and hope to illuminate the “luminous cobalt” of the moonlit winter of your night, “Again.”
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