Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement
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Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement

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  • Author: Ken Page and Nancy Nester
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780977084203
  • Pages: 131
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This timely book explores such topics as: Spirit and 
Soul; Consciousness; Multiple Personality Disorder;
Dissociative Identity Disorder; Earthbound Spirits;
Disincarnate Souls; Soul Fragments; Spirit
Possession; Attachment; Soul Confusion; Psychic
Attack; Past Life Memories; Negative Energy;
Curses, Spells & Hexes--Providing the reader with
helpful release and clearing techniques to balance
energy and change vibration - clearly demonstrating
how to be One with all energy.

Individuals using these techniques allow spirits and
energy to transcend through their vibration in order
to return to Source. Each of us can find a vibration
within ourselves that allows energy to move through
every Collective Consciousness. If a soul is lost,
needs help, or needs to find its highest vibration,
it will be attracted to the light of the individual and/
or healer using these techniques for spirit

Most of us would agree there is a part of us
connected to the Source and therefore we are each
a unique reflection or representation of Source.
Each one of us is connected to everyone present in
this three-dimensional domain, whether seen or
unseen. In this way, each of us is a creator. As one
of us experiences something, all others within living
consciousness also experience it on some level of
their being. Each thought, action, and emotion we
experience affects and changes us with each second
of every day. On very subtle levels, thoughts others
have about us are picked up on some level of our
being. On the cellular level, all is known. Keeping
this in mind, all of us are then energetically
influenced on many levels by the living conscious-
ness around us.
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