Enough Is Enough - eBook for iPad/iPhone, Nook, etc.

Price: $6.99
  • Author: Wendy Ellin
  • ISBN: 9781610052665
  • File format: ePub (.epub) for Nook, iPad/iPhone, Adobe Digital Editions, etc.
  • Item #: 4287_ePub
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Got momentum?

If not, then this book can help you. Discover Wendy's
insights into how you can:
- increase daily productivity by getting and staying
- conquer clutter once and for all.
- get control of your daily workload so it no longer
controls you.
- de-clutter your e-clutter so your inbox finally serves
its purpose.
- embrace the power of Being On Time.
- get realistic about what you can accomplish in each
24-hour day.
- reduce stress and increase peace of mind.

Get more life out of life!
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