Farming to Pharmacy
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Farming to Pharmacy

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  • Author: Truman Lastinger
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610055451
  • Pages: 295
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Life turns on small moments, those innocuous events that
appear like nothing but grow into something more lasting,
and Truman Lastinger is no different. Born into a share-
cropper's family in rural Georgia, Truman had no
expectation of leaving his hometown or going to college--
that was not the life of a sharecropper's son--but then a
local pharmacist took an interest in his future, and Truman
flipped a coin to meet a girl. Two small events combined to
change his life--transporting him from the farm to his own

Truman collects these moments and memories that have
guided his life from a little boy hitting a flaming baseball to
a pharmacist fighting for his community's right to health. In
turn, this autobiography, Farming to Pharmacy: Memories
of a Sharecropper's son, recounts not only his story, but the
story of the rural South, of hardships imposed on the
unsuspecting, of communities struggling together, and
families surviving through the absurd, tragic, and jubilant
realities of daily life.

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