Georgia Vineyards and Wineries
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Georgia Vineyards and Wineries

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  • Author: Wayne Crawford
  • Publisher: BookLogix
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-265-9
  • Pages: 352
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Georgia Vineyards and Wineries is a historical guide to modern Georgia wines in 2016.

Georgia is the largest muscadine grape–producing state in the world. These native grapes were observed by early explorers growing in the trees throughout Georgia and the South in the 1500s, but more likely had adapted to the harsh Southern environment much earlier. In 1733, James Oglethorpe, leading the first colonists to Georgia, provided European grapes to accompany other plants in the first American trustee garden in Savannah. In the first few chapters of Georgia Vineyards and Wineries, wine writer Wayne Crawford showcases this first effort to grow Old World grapes, and outlines why it failed. The history briefly highlights the wine-growing evolution in Georgia up to and after Prohibition. A brief geology, soil, climate, and weather overview sets the stage for readers to better appreciate why different varietal grapes grow across the state.

This early historical overview transitions the reader into the sixty-five vineyards and wineries operating through 2016. Each winery is discussed based on five regional areas, providing the reader with additional background information on owners and winemakers. Maps are included to assist readers in touring the wineries and tasting rooms, grouped to optimize travel and enjoyment. The grapes grown and wine produced are referenced for each winery. All seventy-four grape varietals are further highlighted in detail for readers to better enjoy their tasting experience. Several appendices add additional historical information and practical information for the modern wine enthusiast to aid in their wine-drinking enjoyment.

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