Grits to Gourmet
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Grits to Gourmet

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  • Author: Rosalind Lastinger
  • Binding: Spiral Bound
  • ISBN: 9781610054461
  • Pages: 537
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Grits to Gourmet contains over 600 recipes and 
represents decades of cooking experience and
experimentation. This book is a culmination of
years of sharing recipes with friends and family,
and reflects generations of influence and
inspiration. Included are general kitchen-related
tips as well as recipe-specific helpful hints for
the beginner and expert alike.

Rosalind Lastinger started out only knowing
how to fry French fries and bake a cake, but
when her husband Truman taught her how to
make grits, he kindled what would become a
lifelong passion for perfecting recipes. Rosalind
is still excited by trying new recipes today, and
she hopes you and your family will love these
as much as her family and friends do!
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