History and Fun in the Ocoee Gorge and the Copper Basin

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Part I - The Ocoee Gorge and River: Made by Nature but Managed by Man

If mountains could talk the towering cliffs of the Ocoee Gorge would spin marvelous tales about Cherokees, Copper Haulers, and Hydroelectric production.

Extensive maps and photos of places to see and activities for the whole family allow one to find places of interest easily missed without this book. Learn how Electric power is generated via a unique flume line, and the lost town ofCaneyCreek where in the early 1900s TVA families lived and got to their homes via an electric trolley. The beginning of white water rafting and kayaking and the history of the Olympic Whitewater Center are presented as well as information about the Cohutta and Big Frog Wildernesses.


Part II - The Copper Basin: Red Hills and Copper Mining

Between 1847 and 1987 theCopperBasinwas a mining center.  During these 140

years mining methods changed from hauling ore with mules, picks, and shovels, to 2,000 feet deep mines, and massive equipment.  Learn how mining processing denuded an area so large it could be seen by astronauts in space and how after the closing in 1987 the land has been restored and reclaimed. Ducktown, andCopperhill,TN, andMcCaysville,GAwere mining town complete with company stores and housing.  Read about these bustling boom towns and their people.

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