How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Feel Free
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How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Feel Free

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  • Author: Ken Page and Nancy Nester
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780977084272
  • Pages: 100
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Do you need help? Are you feeling overwhelmed by
the energies of life? 
Are you tired of your own life
story? Are you energetically in trouble? 
Do you want
to find ways in which to do an extreme makeover in
your life?

This manual was prepared for individuals who are
feeling overwhelmed by life at the moment, might
need answers at any time or find that their nervous
system is on overload. There are many suggestions
and techniques referenced for clearing and healing
yourself throughout this manual. You’ll find all the
information contained in these pages for you to help
yourself create the kind of life you do want - the one
you deserve. 

The first thing we would suggest if you contacted us
for help would be to STOP. The second thing would
be to LOOK. There are answers available if you are
willing to do your own work and open yourself to
alternative suggestions. Just by being open to
another thought, idea or feeling will begin changing
our perspective of what is happening to us. So STOP
asking others what they think, LOOK for your own
answers and LISTEN with discernment to your own
Higher Self or Creative Self.

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