Letters to the Brokenhearted
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Letters to the Brokenhearted

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  • Author: Pamela Antoinette, Ph.D.
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780985443719
  • Pages: 301
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Take a quick glance over your shoulder. Odds are, at least
one of those women standing behind you has been broken-
hearted for years--raising kids, running businesses, even
playing the field--all with the burden of the past still hanging
on their shoulders. Or is that woman you? We ladies hide it
well because we believe we have to. Whether our hears were
broken recently or years ago, many of us struggle with trust,
new relationships, and how we see ourselves.

We don't have to be brokenhearted anymore. We can
embrace lives that enable us to fully trust, fully love, and
fully live. "Letters to the Brokenhearted" speaks passionately
to the woman in need of a strategy to finally heal, stay strong,
and take her life to the next level by: Refocusing on the
strengths in her life; Rebuilding what has been damaged; and
Reloving with a new purpose.

After all...this is your life, right? It's time to start loving it!

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