Miracles Galor---ious
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Miracles Galor---ious

Price: $15.99
  • Author: Revonda Zubiena Boykin
  • Publisher: Heavenly Light Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-494-3
  • Pages: 179
  • Item #: 21170
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“Cling to me, for I am your God.”
Do you need a miracle?
Did you know that God loves you and sees you as precious?
Do you believe that He wants to dazzle you with His wonders and amazing things?

He wants to so enhance your life that you will see Him as the loving Father He is. In Miracles Galor---ious, you will see some of these awesome things that He has brought into author Revonda Zubiena Boykin’s life and to the lives of others. Truly, these mighty acts and events were unexpected, but graciously given. Prayer is the key; faith and trust are the answer. See how the hand of God is a witness through the stories herein. When you choose to trust and believe, you, too, can receive Miracles Galor-- ious.

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