Nosey Nancy and the Never-Ending Nosebleed
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Nosey Nancy and the Never-Ending Nosebleed

Price: $12.99
  • Author: Dr. Katina J. Currin
  • Series Title: Nurse Nee Nee Series
  • Publisher: Lanier Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-597-1
  • Pages: 50
  • For Ages: 6 and Up
  • Item #: 20227
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Nancy is a lively little girl who loves to go exploring, especially in her big sister Camille’s bedroom. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to do so without getting caught—all due to her nosebleeds! When Nancy learns she must have surgery, her emotions go from inquisitive to terrified. But then she meets Nurse Nee Nee, who prepares her for what to expect on the day of surgery, making the experience less scary for Nancy, with a dream she will never forget!

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