Omowale - eBook for Kindle

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  • Author: Quintin L. Noble
  • ISBN: 9780988905931
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Today is a good time to abandon despair for hope. 
In light of the name Omowale (the son who has 
returned home) a homecoming which manifests itself 
physically, mentally, and spiritually. I arrived at the 
knowledge that although life produces many crossroads, 
the quest to positive thinking is eminent. This book of 
poems was written to reflect many of society's ills and 
triumphs. One can encounter the thoughts and actions 
that have encompassed us since the beginning of time.

Our body is a temple given; our souls is the core of 
onceself; our spirit is the soul revealed. These three 
entities aligned with the will of God shall deliver us into 
close proximity of acquiring "Heaven on Earth."

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