Pain Is Part of the Plan
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Pain Is Part of the Plan

Price: $14.95
  • Author: Fay Josephs
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-076-1
  • Pages: 107
  • Item #: 7608
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Born and raised in a dysfunctional home and culture that turned a blind eye to the mistreatment of woman and children. Badly abused by family members who were supposed to take care of her. Watched her mother suffer many years of abuse, then in her adult life personally encountered domestic violence that almost claimed her life.

Through it all, Fay Josephs never gave up. She rose above her circumstances and persevered, turning her eyes to the one who fearfully and wonderfully created her. He delivered her, sustained her, and transformed her to be a conduit for his kingdom. Through all the brokenness, all the disappointment, and all the hurt, God used her to help heal the wounds of other women and girls who endured what she had.

Today as God continues to restore her, Fay has dedicated her life to honor and serve God, and to be a positive influence in her community and around the world. She made the choice to be better, not bitter. Fay believes that God has prepared a victorious future for us all, no matter how many times you’ve been hurt. As you will come to learn from Fay’s powerful memoir, it’s through the pain that you find your purpose.

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