Releasing the Bounds of Shame
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Releasing the Bounds of Shame

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  • Author: Robert Gray
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781631838446
  • Pages: 232
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I was the poster boy for successful, middle-aged American men. I received a high-quality education. I earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s 
degree from my number-one school. I had a loving wife and a great job. I was on my way. Struggles with infertility couldn’t defeat us as we had
four children. My job moved us to Chicago’s North Shore and then suburban Atlanta, where we bought a spacious house.
Then my life took a horrifying turn as I became severely depressed and addicted to cybersex. I lost interest in my family, friends, and job. My 
internet life became my reality. I took risks which could have ended my marriage and my career. I tried to stop several times, but I craved and
needed the high of my drug. I became suicidal, was hospitalized twice, and was treated with electroconvulsive therapy.
How did this happen to me? Could I have done something about it? If only I had spoken up and asked for help. But I was too ashamed to admit 
that I needed help. Too afraid to expose my vulnerability, my weakness, my illness. Looking back, I now see the signs so clearly. If only I could
have asked for help.
Please join me as I describe my journey to rock bottom and how I recovered to live a life of happiness and joy. There is always hope. You have 
the power to release the bounds of shame. But you must be willing to ask for help.
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