Stand in the HEAT - eBook for Kindle
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Stand in the HEAT - eBook for Kindle

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  • Author: Glenn Carver
  • ISBN: 9781610053150
  • File format: Mobi (.mobi) for Kindle or Mobipocket Reader
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Whether you are already an entrepreneur or you are 
dreaming of being an entrepreneur, read this book now!

"Glenn, stand in the heat--don't freak out!" This is
the message that Glenn Carver very clearly heard from
his conscience, God or someone in between on the
morning of February 2, 2010. With a three-month-old,
firstborn son at home and a bank account on vapors, he
was under stress, anxious, and quite frankly--scared!
In that moment, he surmised that more people are
"standing in the heat" financially right now than at any
other point in our lifetime--perhaps since the Great

Believing that the United States of America is the
greatest example of entrepreneurship in history, Glenn
set out to validate that entrepreneurship is more
important today than it has ever been.

In this book you will discover:
The #1 trait necessary to becoming a successful
The most difficult part of the start-up phase of a
The biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make--and
how you can avoid them.
How to stay calm, cool, and collected when the HEAT
is on.
How to turn your feat into fortune.
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