Summer Murphy
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Summer Murphy

Price: $12.95
  • Author: Arline "AJ" Genis
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-508-7
  • Pages: 122
  • Item #: 20931
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On Summer’s twenty-first birthday, tragedy strikes when her father is killed in a freak accident. Now Summer has to face life alone without her beloved dad, her wingman, her support and inspiration. She packs to leave for the American Film Institute in Hollywood to begin her lifelong dream of being a writer with a style of her own. As she rides away, Summer resolves to make it somehow!

At the Institute, famed literary agent Solley Lester offers to mentor Summer as she writes her screenplay, singling her out from the many hopefuls. The girl can certainly write! Along the way, she falls for Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, Roger Medvey, an esteemed producer of film.

Summer and Roger have a smoking-hot love affair, until one day, he disappears. Summer is embarrassed to have been so careless, when all the signals said, Don’t! Did he use her and simply discard her? There is a reconciliation, and it is a surprise ending!

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