The Chakras: Forces of Energy
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The Chakras: Forces of Energy

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  • Author: Nancy A. Nester
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610053372
  • Pages: 78
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The word ‘chakra’ comes from a Sanskrit word meaning
‘wheel of light’.  The ancient Vedic writings of Eastern
philosophy have taught for thousands of years that to
improve the physical body, one must first address the
underlying emotional, mental and spiritual conditions
of the individual. Just as sunlight, diet and exercise
can aid and assist the health of our physical body,
the awareness of energy and its’ effect on our ‘whole
self’ is vital to our overall well-being.

This book provides an exploration of your body’s
psychology, the seven elemental chakras and the
five backside chakras. Discover the role that these
energy centers play in your daily life.  Learn ways to
clear, heal, open, activate and balance your chakras
– using sound, crystals, simple clearing techniques
and the very Organs of Consciousness within you to
reconnect to your sacred spirituality. These forces of
energy attract various life experiences to you,
challenging you to become creative and self-
empowered. A study of the chakras will aid and
assist your life’s journey to wholeness. 

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