The Dark Family Secrets
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The Dark Family Secrets

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  • Author: Doris Carter
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-6653-0209-8
  • Pages: 22
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On August 18, 1951, in Barbados, my mother, Clara Carter, gave birth to me, Doris carter, and my twin sister, Dorothy. Dorothy, who was head of records of the Unites States was the family secret. My mother gave Dorothy away when she was born so I never knew her, but she always knew about me. In my early thirties, I moved to Montreal, Canada, where I won the lottery for five hundred thousand dollars. My sister, Dorothy Allen, who was living in New York City at the time found out about my winning and made her way to Montreal, Canada. After going through hell and back with my estranged husband to get the ticket from him, I couldn't even cash in the lotto ticket. I was told that according to their records, I had died on the seventh of April, and they had the death certificate to prove it. Turns out that my twin sister, Dorothy, and my ex-sister-in-law, Angela Smith, along with a lawyer by the name of Albert Gomberg committed a federal crime and filed the certificate, and a doctor from Montreal General Hospital signed off on it. Question, what would you do in my position? When your back is against the wall and you don't know who you can trust, not even your own lover? Follow me through all the crazy twist, turns, and evil ways family can betray you.

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