The Earth's Project
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The Earth's Project

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  • Author: D. A. Tuskey
  • Publisher: Lanier Press
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-6653-0093-3
  • Pages: 246
  • Item #: 23538_POD
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"With all due respect, sir. Have you lost your mind?!”

That was the response of Ross Carter when Cadet Captain Keanyn Mathews revealed his plan to have
his team cut directly through the Albemarl Swamp in order to gain the advantage over the other teams
competing for victory in the “Swamp Maneuver.” That victory would go a long way in placing them, at
graduation, with a commission on the earth's contribution as a new member of the Galactic Legion, The
Starship Cosmic Mall. However, there was a small but determined group dedicated to it's failure and
they would stop at nothing short of sabotage!
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