The Gift of the Circle
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The Gift of the Circle

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  • Author: Carolyn Martin Graham
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-674-9
  • Pages: 477
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Lyme disease: A marauding force that shackled me to the misery of chronic illness.
Me too: My cry from the depths of adolescent trauma . . .

The Gift of the Circle is a chronicle of profound mental and physical healing. Where a tick once gripped my abdomen, gorging on a bloody meal, a fiery red ring signaled certain infection as my physical and mental health were shredded. After eight years of suffering, I discover the pathway to healing. Using mind-body medicine and opening to reveal the secrets of my past, I manifest the biology of miracles—and a deep desire to share my story.


“Over the last few years, I’ve had the unique pleasure of following Carolyn Graham’s creation of The Gift of the Circle. At times I’ve cried, at times I’ve laughed, and always in admiration of the story she was obviously meant to tell. Indeed, this is a book that will help and enlighten many, many readers, and, at the same time, shed new light on the still mysterious but devastating malady known as Lyme disease. It will also inspire those among us who endeavor to heal ourselves, whatever our condition or situation might be. In short, The Gift of the Circle will be a blessing to all who read it.”

—Rosemary Daniell, Award-Winning Author of Secrets of the Zona Rosa: How Writing (and Sisterhood) Can Change Women’s Lives


 “Carolyn Graham bursts onto the page with a voice that’s fresh, honest, and urgent. A remarkable debut.”

—Bruce Feiler, New York Times–bestselling author of The Council of Dads and Life Is in the Transitions 


“Carolyn Graham’s memoir, The Gift of the Circle, is the embodiment of courage—an emotional roller-coaster ride of ridicule, sexual self-worth, crippling disease, and failed suicide attempts. This literary trek from darkness to light is a journey well worth embracing.”

Jedwin Smith, Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Nominee Author of I AM ISRAEL and Our Brother’s Keeper 


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