The Independent Self
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The Independent Self

Price: $34.95
  • Author: Nancy Nester
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781610050265
  • Item #: 0042
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Known as the eastern goddess of mercy and compassion, Quan Shi Yin has blessed, counseled and guided millions around the world for centuries. As part of her teaching, she specifically states that the journey must begin within. So, the information given in this book is not just about awareness, compassion and healing, it is about life and its fears. From ancient wisdom and esoteric writings, this book contains the history and myth of Quan Yin, together with teachings about your chakras (energy centers) - in order that you gain understanding of your human self. Together with Quan Yin's sacred gates for self-empowerment, discover that true center point for the compass in your own life. All the spiritual disciplines teach us to be spiritual - they do not teach us how to be human. Your job while you are in human form is to clear and activate your energy centers (your chakras) and discover your true state of balance.

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