The Power of Passion
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The Power of Passion

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  • Author: Donna Puglisi
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-630-5
  • Pages: 182
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The power of passion is limitless. It ignites the fire within us, bringing out the very best, or the very worst in humanity. Without passion in life, there is no life.

My poetry is my dance, my passion. Dance barefoot every day! Be a free spirit, embrace life with all your heart and soul, feel the sand between your toes, dancing barefoot in the grass, watch clouds and imagine flying. Be that inner child again.

Trust your instincts to achieve any goal. Overcome obstacles by embracing your true desires with total dedication and joy. This is the strength of the human spirit. Believe in yourself and be passionate in everything you do. The world is your canvas! You are the artist with the brush. Nothing is impossible if you embrace The Power Of Passion, Dancing Barefoot!

From my poem, “Dancing Barefoot”,

‘Embrace the dance as if your lover,

Dance barefoot and you will discover the world is yours, treasure each day,

Like smoke, life quietly drifts away.’

Donna has been writing poetry since she was about twelve years old. Through her life’s experiences, she has continued to write passionately. Her readers can relate to her honesty and down-to-earth realism. Raised in Wisconsin, her mom was an indelible influence in the arts. Through her, Donna developed a love of poetry and dance. She entwines the two together in her “dance of words”, touching everyone with her raw emotions. She is a member of the prestigious organization of professional women in the Arts, the National League of American Pen Women/Cape Canaveral Branch, FL.

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