The Pursuit of the Atlanta Child Killer (Joseph Drolet)
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The Pursuit of the Atlanta Child Killer (Joseph Drolet)

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  • Author: Joseph Drolet
  • Publisher: BookLogix
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781665303736
  • Pages: 306
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Beginning in 1979, Atlanta was terrorized by a series of baffling disappearances and murders of Black children and young men. Victims were found along roadsides and dumped in rivers.
Communities were gripped with fear and frustration over the safety of their children. Even with more than one hundred police officers and FBI agents working on the case, the murders
continued for two years. That was until a twenty-three-year-old man named Wayne Bertram Williams was stopped near a bridge over the Chattahoochee River.
This is the true story of one of Georgia's most infamous serial killers, and how his life became intertwined with the life of author Joseph Drolet. As a prosecutor in Williams’ trial, Drolet not only
played a key role in seeking justice, but also gained a uniquely in-depth understanding of the case and of Williams himself. For The Pursuit of the Atlanta Child Killer, Drolet has combined his
firsthand knowledge with trial transcripts, police reports, court records, and newspaper articles, recreating—in vivid detail—a chilling period in Atlanta’s history that changed his life forever.
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