The Race
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The Race

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  • Author: Lori Grant
  • Publisher: Heavenly Light Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-459-2
  • Pages: 171
  • Item #: 21796
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Have you ever been sleeping peacefully in the night, and all of a sudden a large BOOM! of thunder wakes you up? Then you have to go outside to see if anything was hit by lightning, because it seemed so close?

That is exactly what happened with my family: the thunder, the BOOM, the closeness of being hit—all of it. We were camping at a dirt-bike race and were literally awoken in the night by a boom of thunder the night before my son had his very first tumor symptom. It was like God sent us a warning that things were going to get wild.

They did.

We had a close call. We looked around to see if we had been hit. But, we lived through it. All along the way, God lit up our world like fireworks on the Fourth of July. As we sat in awe of what the life of our family had become during my son’s brain surgery to remove his tumor, we talked about how the worst day in our lives was also the best. That is how God works. No one else could ever create such an amazing BOOM in someone’s life that also created an amazing fireworks show of blessings.

But God can, and He did. We have quite a story to share about His amazing grace and finding joy in the journey.

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