The Revelation of Christianity Vol I
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The Revelation of Christianity Vol I

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  • Author: Yaakob Ha'Nasi
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-320-5
  • Pages: 260 Pages
  • Item #: 20938
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The Revelation of Christianity, Volume I addresses most misinterpretations and misconceptions of Christianity, answering common questions that most Christian leaders cannot. It also addresses the social hypocrisies and deformities created by the religion itself. It will examine the scriptures in their proper context while accessing the Greek and Hebrew, giving the student a better understanding of what the authors of that time were trying to convey. The Revelation of Christianity will also reveal the many contradictions of the New Testament Bible. Listed below are but a few things the student will learn: The vanity of theology, Paganism and idolatry smoke-screened by customs and traditions, A brief, dark history of Christianity, The inaccuracies of God and Jesus taught by Christianity, The distinction between the Christian Bible and the Hebrew Bible
The Revelation of Christianity is designed for the general public of students seeking truth and is easy to comprehend. The information provided is not subjective, and most importantly, it handles these complexities with biblical evidence and scholastic sources. It reveals content the average pastor will not cover in sermons or Bible study. It is important to know the background and history of any religion before joining it. The Revelation of Christianity does this thoroughly and is informative for both the Christian and non-Christian alike.

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