Thief of Innocence eBook for iPad, Nook
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Thief of Innocence eBook for iPad, Nook

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  • Author: Luanne White
  • ISBN: 9781610050883
  • File format: ePub (.epub) for Nook or iPad/iPhone, etc.
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Defying social convention in 1960, Laura marries before
finishing high school. After graduation, she sets out to
fulfill her dreams and discovers the depths and challenges
of love, honor and treachery. She joins her husband, a
navy seaman, and begins sailing the course of her life.
Laura’s journey into womanhood propels her into the
company of military families and personnel representing
the poor and the privileged, adversity and chaos. Living
in a trailer park in shantytown next to a military base,
she is subjected to the rawness that encircles her and
her family and struggles to conquer its adversities while
finding humor and love in itslighter side. North meets
South and cultural differences clash. Surrounded in a
maelstrom of hardship mixed with joy, Laura’s naiveté
fades against startling encounters in navy and civilian
countercultures. Her strict moral upbringing is challenged
when a mob member offers to eliminate a cruel member
of her family to protect herchildren. Will she be driven to

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