Unseen Monsters
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Unseen Monsters

Price: $12.99
  • Author: Christella Almonacy
  • Publisher: Lanier Press
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-6653-0232-6
  • Pages: 200
  • Item #: 23518_POD
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“The imagination is a weapon like no other. You can’t fight the unseen monsters of everyday life when still in reality. But when you step into the creations of your mind, the possibilities become endless.”

Something Unforgiveable

“Over and over the gruesome events played in my head. I could smell the blood, hear the arrogance in his voice, feel my hope in Humanity burn within the pits of my stomach. I was in desperate need of water. If not for the dryness in my mouth, then for the fire deep within me.”

Timeless Vengeance

“Call it a sisterly rivalry, but Athena and Anatha had always been at each other’s throats. Metis, being the matriarch she was, did her best to curb the animosity between them, but was never much help. The two eventually elected to go their separate ways, one to Mount Olympus and the other to the human world. But Anatha knew Athena never stopped hating her.”

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