Waypoints in My Life
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Waypoints in My Life

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  • Author: Merrill Eugene “Mike” Butler
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-238-3
  • Pages: 147
  • Item #: 7781
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Mike Butler has lived a life of vision and fulfillment which most of us have only dreamed about. He came into this world nine decades ago surrounded by a loving and supportive family that allowed him to follow his dreams, asking only that he give in return honesty, hard work, love, and respect to his mentors.

His sole purpose for spending nine years in the US Navy was to see the world, meet its inhabitants, and experience unknown adventures that lay in its path. Mike was and still is an explorer at heart, and he welcomed the challenges that he knew would come.

The outdoors—hunting and fishing—was the blacksmith’s forge for Mike, and no matter where he lived, he never lost his connection to—nor love of—God’s creation. The outdoors taught him self-sufficiency, an inquisitive mind, and provided him with quiet places conducive to daydreaming and making life decisions. Mike still hunts and fishes, and has introduced his kids to outdoor sports.

When he completed military service, he had one unfinished mission and that was to find the love of his life, marry, and raise a family. He found Marilyn, they married, and together raised four lovely and successful children. They have celebrated sixty years together.

Mike’s memoir is a delightful and inspirational story well worth reading.

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