When Things Happen
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When Things Happen

Price: $14.99
  • Author: Octavia M. Banks
  • Publisher: Heavenly Light Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-589-6
  • Pages: 122
  • Item #: 21443
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As a single mother, Octavia encounters many struggles. She utilizes the knowledge gained through her spiritual foundation to overturn tragedies into triumphs. God presented her with many miracles, signs, and wonders that would reassure her that she was never alone in her journey. Her faith is put to the test. But with her strong family values and her unwavering trust in God, she manages to overcome many of life’s adversities. Her life story was written to encourage the unbelievers and the single parents who have succumbed to similar challenges. Her desire is to offer hope and to empower people all over the world to believe in God for the answers, When Things Happen…

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