Who I Am
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Who I Am

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  • Author: Who I Am
  • Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-747-0
  • Pages: 303
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Think you know what a police officer does every day? You think Hollywood gets it right?

Unless you’ve been out there, you don’t know. Nothing you see on the big screen or on television in the safety of your home can prepare you for what we do every day.

Night after night, we deal with the worst society can throw at us, then we go home, sit with our loved ones and pretend we’re okay. But sometimes…we are not okay.

In Who I Am: The Man Behind the Badge, I’m going to describe all the gore, all the horrors and all the emotions I felt, not to gross you out but to let you know what I experienced.

If you find any of these stories disturbing or uncomfortable, then I have accomplished my goal—because I was equally disturbed and uncomfortable. And I live with these memories every day.

You will not be able to put this book down as you follow the author through his career, call by call, experiencing in raw, graphic, and gut wrenching language what would become a normal day for him and members of the Hialeah Police Department during the turbulent 1980’s and 90’s. You will never look at a law enforcement officer the same again….

So slide into his patrol car, buckle up, and prepare yourself for the realities of law enforcement and the ride of your life.

—Retired Deputy Chief Edward L. Beyer, Jr.

Hialeah Police Department

Written by a seasoned veteran of a major police department, it doesn’t get more real than this. Gritty, brutally honest and intensely personal, this is a must read for anyone in law enforcement, contemplating a career in law enforcement, or has a loved one in law enforcement. This book shines a glaring spotlight on some of the many reasons every citizen should back the blue.

—Patricia L. Diaz

Retired U.S. Federal Prosecutor

and wife of a retired homicide detective

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